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We all are familiar with the traditional item sold to help gather funds. Everyone has sold or bought the common cookies, popcorn, cakes, and sweets at some point in their lives. After the twelfth child comes up asking for someone to buy expensive sweets, anyone can be tired of candies! A new and better alternative to these sales is the beef jerky fundraiser.

Unlike traditional bake sales or cake walks, selling these meaty treats takes no effort. There are no upfront costs in most cases, no ingredients to worry about, and no messy clean-up after the sale. Everything will arrive neatly packaged in brightly colored wrapping direct from the company to your friends!

For those of you who would prefer to buy goods upfront so they can be sold directly to your friends and neighbors, entire cases can be ordered at discount to be sold from store-quality display cases at your events. All you will need to do is open the box, set up the display and start making money.

Shipping is also no hassle with this kind of snack sale. The company is always willing to ship goods wherever your buyers may live. Some companies even do direct shipping from the company to your buyers preventing the tedious task of making sure all your customers get their goodies. Not having to wait for everything to arrive, split up everything by hand, track down all the buyers, and hand deliver everything saves time for both you and your buyers.

Jerky is also an ideal sales item due to trends in health and fitness. Many diets these days say that carbohydrates and refined sugar are the culprits behind expanding waistlines. These delicious snacks have no refined sugars and are low in fats, making them a healthy and tasty treat.
It is also an extremely convenient food as not only does it not require refrigeration, as long as it stays securely wrapped it can last for years without going stale.  I would recommend our “Original” slab of jerky.

Jerky also is a wonderful all year seller. During the warmer months, it makes an amazing food to help fuel outdoor activities. During the winter it is a wonderful gift that will delight every active and health conscious friend or family member on their list.

It does not matter what your group is or how big it happens to be, a beef jerky fundraiser is a unique alternative to the traditional sweet sales that is bound to be a hit with your community.

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