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Recipes with Jerky

Your Favorite Shiraz Wine & A Slab of Original Jerky…the Perfect Combination!

By March 2, 2018 No Comments


WHY IT WORKS:  We all know that red wine goes wonderfully with red meat, this is Basic Wine Knowledge 101.  Another good rule to know is that fat loves acid, so salty cured meats like beef jerky cozy up nicely to a lean and acidic red varietal.


The Shiraz variety is perfect to reach for when you feel like powering through a succulent slab of red meat – whether it be a prime ribeye steak or a $4 Slab of Beef Jerky.  Shiraz is lighter than a Cabernet, but bolder than a Pinot Noir.  It sits pretty on the palette with bright red fruit, tobacco, and leathery notes.  This all sounds like made up words until you experience the flavor notes & levels that make this tantalizing combination explode!

Wine pairing, at first, can seem to be intimidating, and sometimes the culture around it can appear snooty.  There is just so much stuff to learn that it can make our heads spin without drinking a drop.  You are going to be delighted and surprised at how easily you will be able to pick up on the subtle differences of the many varieties of wine when you pair them with foods that accent their strengths.

It is especially easy when you’re pairing it with the beef jerky you know and love.  Plus, it’s fun, and jerky should be just as fun as it is delicious.  So, take away the wine pairing basic laid out here, and then let us know what combos really do it for you.  You know we always love an excuse for another Slab.

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