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Homemade Jerky
June 7, 2018

A brief history of Beef Jerky, easy recipe included.

Although beef jerky might be most widely known being an American pioneer tradition (think John Wayne westerns or Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett), various cultures worldwide have been drying meats…
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Jerky DessertsRecipes with Jerky
March 20, 2018

Caramel Popcorn Jerky Mix

If you love Beef Jerky, this is the caramel popcorn recipe you have been looking for! Be warned, once you start snacking, it's difficult to stop. Butter can be halved…
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Recipes with Jerky
March 6, 2018

Shredded Jerky Burritos Recipe

Ingredients   4 ounces Hot N' Spicy Beef Jerky 5 tablespoons lard or olive oil, plus a little more if needed 1 large white onion, cut into 1/4-inch pieces 2…
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Recipes with Jerky
March 2, 2018

Your Favorite Shiraz Wine & A Slab of Original Jerky…the Perfect Combination!

  WHY IT WORKS:  We all know that red wine goes wonderfully with red meat, this is Basic Wine Knowledge 101.  Another good rule to know is that fat loves acid, so…
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February 11, 2018

Wonderful Video Testimonial from Keith

See what people are saying about SlabOfJerky.com
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Recipes with Jerky
February 4, 2018

Delicious Beef Jerky and Vegetable Stew Recipe

This hearty stew of beef jerky, tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables is completely made with dehydrated ingredients, except for the optional fresh carrot. Dehydrating fresh food is a great way…
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Jerky is Nutritious
January 31, 2018

11 Ways to Up Your Child’s Protein Intake

Making sure your child eats enough protein in a given day can be a big challenge, especially on school days, when the lunch you pack has to be foods that…
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Homemade Jerky Goodness
January 11, 2018

How to make Beef Jerky in the Oven

Have you ever smelled jerky being made? It makes your mouth water and if you're like my family, it keeps you near the jerky until it's ready to be eaten.…
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Fundraising with Beef
January 8, 2018

Beef Jerky Fundraiser: A Sugar Free Way To Raise Money

We all are familiar with the traditional item sold to help gather funds. Everyone has sold or bought the common cookies, popcorn, cakes, and sweets at some point in their…
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